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When I first became an Independent Consultant with Creative Memories I was known to be the queen of simple pages. I really loved the style of keeping it simple to keep the focus on the photos and the story that they tell. Now Creative Memories has included opportunities for the more time-intensive scrapbook style with more embellishments and special additions to pages. But Creative Memories also offers these in their digital Storybooks, and I’ve found myself using them, for their ease of use more than anything. I’ve noticed that the style of my pages in my Storybooks differs considerably from that of my traditional albums. But that’s part of the fun in doing it!

I am slowly learning what all of my software can do, and know it has many more options than I care to learn about, but this versatility makes it a great tool for all styles of scrapbookers. I plan to get to know it better so that I can better assist others who want to learn too! Why don’t you join me for a digital scrapbooking class, we can learn the basics (and then some) together!

If this interests you, let me know. I’ll put together a mini online class that we can work through together and schedule some time for online chatting as we do it!

A peak at what might be included:

  • Photo Solutions: and just what does Creative Memories have to offer
  • Digital Solutions: a run-down on the Storybook Creator software and CM Photo Centre
  • Storybook Creator software training
  • Storybook Creator tips & tricks

Does any of this interest you? Please drop me a note at or leave a comment below. I’d love to know what would work best for you!

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