Pain, disccomfort, good days, bad days…

I’m hoping that finally I’m going to be tested for a possible diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I’m not sure what the diagnosis will do for me. But I need to find a better way to manage the pain and discomfort I’ve experienced for… well, years really.

My doctor has always been reluctant to look in that direction, as I’ve always had other circumstances that were possible contributing factors: Post-partum recuperating body, poor sleep, stress, etc. However, when I consider all of the signs & symptoms, it frustrates me to have gone this long without further testing. Even as a child of about 10 years old I had a gymnastics coach once tell me he wondered if I might have juvenile arthritis. I have so many of the signs I’ve lost count, chronic pain in all four quadrants of the body (for as long as I can remember I’ve had unexplainable pain – at the age of 12 I had back pain with no identifiable cause), sleep issues since at least university years, TMJ, painful menstruation, tender/trigger points, achiness, fatigue, brain fog, chronic headaches/migraines, tingling arms/hands (“falling asleep”), ringing in the ears, dizziness, waking feeling unrested and sore/achy/stiff, muscle twitching, feeling like me hands and feet are swollen …

Sounds like a long list of complaints. I’ve often felt like my pains, etc. were simply “dismissed” that I was seen to be a chronic complainer, or to be making excuses.

All of symptoms appear to be aggravated by stress, environmental changes, and cyclical (menstrual). Most recently I have had terrible neck shoulder and upper back pain that has repeatedly impacted my regular fitness routine. I have also wondered if some of my training “injuries” have been more likely a result of my body simply not repairing itself at a normal rate, leaving me with residual pain and compounding effects.

Above all, I want to find a way to sleep soundly, and to continue my efforts to live an active life, participating in triathlon often. 🙂

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