Introverts need social connection too

When I think back to grade school I realize that I always thought of myself as an extravert. The truth is that even with my experiences of being bullied I really was just self-confident enough to step outside of my introvert natural state and speak … [Continue reading]

Can more authentic connections be built in an online community?

What can a community for building more authentic connections do for me? We live in a world where everyone is constantly distracted and inundated with superficial connections. Our phones are attached at the hip with an invisible tether, we broadcast … [Continue reading]

Connect and re-connect

Join me on a 5 day journey to re-connect with what matters most. More and more of us are reporting overwhelm, burnout, feeling lonely, and disconnect from friends, family and ourselves. As it turns out disconnect and mental health challenges like … [Continue reading]

Connections and Belonging: authentic connections (post 5 of 5)

We live in a world today where people are more disconnected than ever. With a zillion options for social connections online, we make less authentic connections, more superficial ones, and are constantly distracted by things of little … [Continue reading]

Connections and belonging: social connections (post 4 of 5)

When our youngest was three years old, I left my marriage. I wanted, and needed for my children to have, and witness only strong social connections within our home. We’d been through more climbs and dips of the roller coaster that was our … [Continue reading]

Connections and belonging: sense of self (post 3 of 5)

While it’s important to connect with others – like we do when helping people, truly belonging means being true to yourself first. Having a strong sense of self means knowing what you value and what you can/will be flexible on and what requires … [Continue reading]

Connection and belonging: helping connection (post 2 of 5)

It is only natural that when someone experiences trauma and survives they may wish to help others. Interestingly, by helping others who have been through similar experiences we create more opportunities to make meaningful connections. Social … [Continue reading]

Connection and Belonging, How we heal (post 1 of 5)

When I consider my chronic pain and where it all began… I find myself thinking of: connection and belonging and my own healing journey… …  all that I’ve learned about trauma and how it affects our health – both emotional(mental) and … [Continue reading]

What sparks joy for you?

So many organizing, de cluttering, self-help gurus tell you to think about what sparks joy for you. Declutter by getting rid of things that don’t bring you joy... When overwhelmed by the chaos or demanding schedule - such as it is- of your … [Continue reading]

Connections with memories

Connections that we form with people and the world around us have a huge impact on us as individuals. Over our lifespan we see many of our social connections (friends and family) come and go. It's inevitable that relationships change over the years, … [Continue reading]