Other stuff…

Wow, does life get busy and fly by before you know it!

I have had to completely focus my energies on parenting, working, school and one hobby (well some would call it three hobbies) – triathlon training. I’ve given up all other activities. No reading for leisure (unless I ever get ahead in my reading for coursework), no TV (except the odd episode of LOST burned by a friend, which I watch while on my bike trainer), no scrapbooking, little journaling (my bad!), no committee work, etc. We barely have time for a couple of bedtime stories after supper, and the housework gets terribly neglected.

But I am not complaining. Life is good. I enjoy my job, the coursework is fascinating, I have a great training partner, a babysitter the girls love, and supportive family and friends. I find it hard to focus on my studies, even when I find the time. But the sense of accomplishment with each assignment submitted, group discussion post, etc. is worth it. Nevermind how relevant it all is to my work!

What else is new? I have a new mountain bike that I love! Hope to get a few good rides in before ice hits. I’ve made some big plans for next season, focussing on triathlons, and have begun working on my swimming – intending to join a pool.

The training has really aided my sanity with all of these transitions. The times when I can’t get out and workout, I notice a big difference in well-being. Thank fully I know it, and know what to do in such cases! 🙂

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