One more sleep…

… wow this is how life is going to be for us now. Counting down sleeps to the next “visit”, etc. The girls are so excited. This is the first visit since they moved into our new place. I have a small bit of wariness, and surprisingly, am uncertain of what to do with myself all weekend. It will fly by, there is still so much left to organize here, and I’ll get some running and cycling in.

Next big event: Monday, the 7th – Dartmouth Natal Day Road Race – 6 Miler

Coming up: 12 Aug. – Race to the Sea Relay Race – Port aux Basques

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Trish McCourt
17 years ago

Thanks Deb. 🙂
I am doing justthat – trying to enjoy every moment of this transition (with a few bumps that make the ride a little rocky at times).

17 years ago

change is never ending I think 🙂 Enjoy the times you have to yourself, and enjoy the times you don’t! glad to hear you have some scheduled races coming up!