Nice day.

Today was relaxing. Had lunch at El Burrito Loco with my coworker that I’ve been sharing an office with. Tomorrow’s her last day.

Decided to run after work since it was so beautiful, and I can’t run at lunch tomorrow and my running plans with a friend are likely to not happen, or so she was hinting last night… Did a 33 min. 5K. Felt like I was running faster than that.

After that I had a quick shower, short chat with a friend, then hopped across the river to meet wth another friend for coffee. We went to Classic Cup, and they had this great group of musicians playing.. all sorts of oldies. The guy that sang Brown Eyed girl right before we left sounded like the real mccoy!

Tomorrow should be a good day. I am involved an a committee addressing maternity & newborn care in New Brunswick (one of my pet projects). I’m just lucky that it’s being hosted by my office, so I get to go even though it’s not under my mandate at all.

After work, perhaps a short ride, then out for beers with the NB RunningMania Cabot Trail Relay Race crew, and my friend that I started running with way back in July will be joining me at some point.

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Trish McCourt
18 years ago

I had a great time! Thanks for a much needed fun night out!

18 years ago

hahah, no bar fights…or at least that I know of!

Definitely a good time had by all though.

Thanks for the fun night Trish!

18 years ago

For the love of all thats good…. Don’t get in to a bar fight with those people….

I would like the team members to stay uninjured as possible please