Navy 10K

Well, the NAVY 10K is over, and with little damage done. Smile
I decided to go the unusual route of hydration and rest the night before the race this time around. However, it took me a long time to fall asleep, and I kept waking up throughout the night. Confused

I didn’t eat enough before the race, but I just felt sick at the thought of eating any more. A banana, some yogurt and a trail mix granola bar.

Picked up Ang on the way to the race. Stephan had picked up my race kit so I wouldn’t have to drag the girlies out too early in the morning. They were so excited to be going to my race with Ang. Smile AND they got to meet a couple more maniacs they hadn’t met before.

The race went well. Ang lent me her garmin. The first little out and back, I stuck to my goal pace of 6 min/km and tried to keep myself from going out too hard. I wanted to have some left in me at the end.

Beginning loop 1, I believe:

I finished the first 5k under 30 mins. So I was right on target until then. On the first loop I wanted to pick up the pace a bit, but was finding it tough, I actually lost about a minute I think and was concerned about picking it up again. I know it takes me at least 4km to warm up, but by now I’m done 7km and still struggling a little. I began feeling a bit faint during km 8, I think I should have stuck with the orginal plan of carrying gatorade, as the water stations were well spaced, but not giving me the boost I needed.

Starting loop2: (I followed this guy in the red shirt for a couple of K’s, he finally slowed before the last 2km’s, as I began to pick up my pace and I passed him!)

Anyway, I was determined to hit that sub-60 goal, and knew I could pick it up in the last 2km. I took about 30 seconds or so off km 9, then started pushing hard for the last K. My knee was twinging just a little, but nothing to slow me down. I passed a number of people during those last 2 km’s – I knew I ran smart, but was still feeling faint. I was so relieved to see Brendan and Stephan waiting to run me in, I didn’t think I’d make it! As I got closer I could see the time was getting closer to 60, and I was not going to give up those few seconds! I kicked it and made it in under 60 with just a few seconds to spare on the clock. You’ll noticed in my picture, I could barely keep my head up those last 400m’s or so.

As I was trying to gather myself narr (another Running Maniac) came over and introduced himself and congratulated me on making it in under an hour – all I could say was “that was my goal!” It was great to meet you narr and MrsNarr!

The girls were very excited every time they saw me run by, in fact once I was afraid dd3y was going to run out into the street to me! She was very disappointed there wasn’t a kids race. I told her we’d look for them next summer!

My girlies and Den meeting a puppy on the course!

Thanks so much to Ang (and Den) for the cheers and for keeping the girlies with you! Thanks to Brendan and Stef for making the post-race breakfast a little easier for me (hard to manage gathering food, etc. for self and two young ‘uns especially when so tired!)

dd5y and I both won door prizes. I don’t even know anyone that will fit in the Men’s XL (very nice) shirt I won! Laughing

Atlantic Chip Timing results:
239/294 1185 Trish McCourt Halifax NS CA 26/40 F3039 59:56 59:25 5:57 C

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