My Six Highlights of : The Happiness Project – 50BookPledge – book 6

Have you ever found yourself in self-improvement mode even when everything seems to be going smoothly to all of those around you?

I suspect that has been the case for me for years. I never seem to be satisfied with the current situation, there always seems to be room for improvement.

Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is a great example of this, which is probably why I enjoyed reading it most. I read it in fits in starts, but this books can be put down and picked back up without much problem.

The highlights of the books for me were:

  1. Twelve Commandments – a set of rules to remind herself of the most important things to live by
  2. Enjoy now (March/Work) – trying to enjoy the process of the now, rather than looking to when it’s done how happy I will be, and what the next big thing will be
  3. Take Time for Projects (April/Lighten Up) – setting aside time to focus on projects I’ve been putting on the backburner
  4. Go Off the Path (May/Play) – be willing to be distracted by something new and interesting along the way
  5. Make Three New Friends (June/Friends) – in every new situation, attempting to engage with and befriend new people
  6. Forget About Results (September/Books) – reading what I want and how I want without any particular purpose except to enjoy reading
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Angela Keddy
Angela Keddy
12 years ago

I really enjoyed that book. Thanks for the reminder. I tend to read books like that, get inspired, then forget after a while!