My new “non-training plan”

Great weekend for my new non-training training plan. Smile Since I have decided that racing is only going to happen when it fits in with my life/schedule/etc., my new plan is to non-train. Smile

Yesterday I went for a run with my gf that I was visiting, who just started running. We did her 2:1’s at her leisure. It was great fun, got back as Ian was getting in from his training ride (which I really wanted to go on, but couldn’t do both) and he invited me to join him on the run portion of his brick, we ran for about 35 mins. nice and easy.
This morning we got up, and went for a ride after breakfast, that purely for nostalgia sake. My gf lives in the town I spent my active youth years, when i swam on a team, ran cross-country at school, and cycled constantly for the pure joy of it. We rode one of my favourite routes out to the lighthouse, with no real recollection of how long the ride would be. 26 mins. out, a nice break enjoying the scenery, and about half hour back, with a ride by my old high school. Smile

I hate that I’m not working on a specific achievement/goal, however, as long as I still get in workouts, and have fun doing them, it will be all good.

In fact this whole week has been a great week for that. Wednesday I opted to ride to pick up the girlies from daycare at the end of the day, by mountain bike, towing the chariot, spending a lot of time on the sidewalks. We had a great time, and made it into a family outing with a stop at the park where Ian met up with us after work and rode home with us.
Friday I got out for an easy 40 min. run, and while I felt like I had no energy, I enjoyed my time out immensely.

Not a bad week, eh?

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