Well, I haven’t had anything significant to post, as my schedule and health have been limiting my activities significantly. What I CAN say… I can’t wait for this semester to be finished and get a little break from studies! Of course then the holiday preparations will be full swing, and I’ll be feeling left behind with a lot of catching up to do, including braving the stores in the Christmas rush (ugh! – I hate shopping on a slow day!) I’m trying to get back on a regular routine of care, including my fitness and so far feel like I’m failing magnificently.
I am seeing a new chiropractor who amazes me every time I go. It’s a challenge financially, but if she can finally get me feeling more like myself, well worth it.
I managed to exceed my monthly goal for fundraising for Diabetes in my first month 🙂 , but still have SO far to go! I hope I’ll find more time for it soon.
There are many other challenges that I won’t blog about, they’ll have to be saved for my private journal… Perhaps I ought to start a new private blog – but there’s something so satisfying about filling bank pages of paper with thoughts.

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