Mile repeats :)

So i did my first set of mile repeats for my six week Half Mary trianing program that Andy cooked up for me! It went awesome! I was aiming for 10:30 miles, seemed reasonable given my 10k LSD’s and the pace I have been running for longer distances… took a couple tries to get the pace right…

So here’s my interval times:
Mile 1-> 10:xx
Mile 2-> 11:xx
Mile 3-> 10:23
Mile 4-> 10:26
Mile 5-> 10:24

I ran the track at the high school in Oromocto. During mile 2 a huge black cloud came and hovered over the track, it was getting dark, and so it suddenly was VERY dark. I told myself I’d keep going until the rain started. Then it drifted off. Turns out it poured on the north side of the river (at my house)!

Now am I walking too long or too slow between intervals? The first few intervals my legs ached bad when I started running again!

So that was fun!
Next new thing: Tempo run on Thursday!

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Trish McCourt
17 years ago

Next will be hil repeats for me too, unfortunately not likely in time for the NF relay race!

What is wrong with me? I haven’t blogged in a week!

17 years ago

Yes, keep up the good work, and the posts…..

17 years ago

sounds like you are doing great!! I have started hill repeats, and are hard but fun. I’m excited to start some other speed workouts as well. (they kinda sound like fun)

keep up the great work Trish!