Meltdown, AKA Week 16, Day 3

Meltdowns: The joys of single motherhood and studies, culminated with raising two daughters of a deployed military man. The meltdowns are not mine, mind you I often wish I could have one or two of my own. I’m actually pretty proud of myself and how I handle these meltdowns. Six year olds just have so much going on in their minds, and are not entirely able to comprehend everything they are feeling, or why. It comes out in what I see as a meltdown. Somewhat predictable, but at times down right unexpected. We take them as they come, give plenty of space until calmer, then hugs to sooth.

This week’s training has taken a bit of a hiatus. Between time crunches for school deadlines and nasty head colds, I’ve managed to miss Monday thru today’s workouts (along with a couple of last week’s). This training plan is beginning to look derailed…

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