Making the most of our (limited) summer

Halifax weather has been really helpful lately if you come from the mindset that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Today it was time to finally take advantage of beautiful weather and hit the beach.

We’ve had remarkably few beach weather days so far this summer, and almost all of them have been spent making our house in show condition for sale. Our family of four live in a small three bedroom semi. In May my sister moved back to Nova Scotia and because of her medical condition (brittle Diabetic, and seizures) she shouldn’t live alone. She and her large shepherd/lab moved into our basement rec room until we sell our house and find a bigger one that will accommodate an in-law suite. Hence forth de-cluttering and painting projects en mass.

We had an appointment to view a house that backs onto a greenbelt around a lake (lakefront being our movin’ up requirement for moving now rather than later), at 2pm. So we headed out at 10:30 to give ourselves a couple of hours at the beach. Now, I’m not a “beach day” kind of gal. Granted I have taken my kids to the beach for the day, but I would rather go to the beach for a swim and leave when I’m done, than laze around soaking up the rays. So, we had plenty of time. An hour in the water, and it was heaven. Then an hour of snapping photos while my darling went for a 10k mid-day run on one of our warmest days this summer (no, I was not silly enough to join in on that little escapade).

The beach was packed as expected, but we snagged a great spot to park on the way into the gravel lot. Grabbed our towels and headed for sand. The water was clear, calm and warm (18Celcius for those curious to know what constitutes warm on the Atlantic coast!) We brought wetsuits, which turned out to be unnecessary (my Ian will beg to differ).

When Ian headed out for his run, I, camera in hand started wandering down the beach. I still feel awkward photographing people I don’t know, so I mostly shot clouds and gentle waves and rocks.

There is not much greater feeling of contentment than that of leaving the beach feeling exhausted from splashing around in the water with the sun beating down and warming your towels for when you get out!

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