Love or hate? The Sisters Brothers – 50BookPledge – Book 7

The themes of The Sisters Brothers story mirrored the response of our book club. There was a real contrast in the characters and the story they were living. A couple of murderers at odds with one another and the motivation behind their work, one seeking a more meaningful life that might even allow love to be a part of it.

Half of the book club loved this book. They loved how different it was from our other reads (and yet each of those so unique in and of themselves). They loved the characters, the humour in what they did and the lives they lived, and the tragedy of it all. The other half hated it. One couldn’t finish it. I actually enjoyed it until about 2/3’s through. I disliked the last third. I struggled with reading it. I found myself asking why we had chosen this book? Just whose suggestion was it any way?

All in all it was not a bad read. I don’t feel like I wasted a significant number of hours I’ll never get back, but I wouldn’t pick it up again, or recommend it.


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