Local (Halifax) Items Email Auction for Team Diabetes (please forward)

I have two items available for auction through Team Diabetes.

There will be three quick rounds with each item going to the highest bidder.

First item is a half hour massage donated by my Registered Massage Therapist: Heather Fairclough at Natural Means Massage Therapy located in Clayton Park at 255 Lacewood Drive.

The second item: two tickets to the Celebrity Slow Pitch Challenge at the Canada Games Ball Park on Monday, August 11th – compliments of Genesis Chiropractic

Email me your bids at trish@tri4wellness.ca. The first round ends Monday, August 4th at 9pm. Round two ends: Wednesday, August 6th at 9pm, and round three ends Friday, August 8th.
I’ll send out an email with the highest bids after each round, allowing an opportunity for new bids to be placed.

Thanks for your support! and please forward this to your friends.

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family legacy curator, social justice advocate, blogger, amateur photographer, reader, cyclist, runner & swimmer, mom of two

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Trish McCourt
15 years ago

Round Three (Last chance!): Celebrity Slow Pitch and RMT Email Auction for Team Diabetes

Round three has begun and the Celebrity Slow Pitch tickets are still up for grabs!

A bid over $20 will get you or your loved one a half hour massage treatment with my RMT in Clayton Park/Halifax!

Round three ends Friday night at 9pm! Get your bids in!

Trish McCourt
15 years ago

Round two has begun!

The Massage session has a highest bid of $20
And the Celebrity Slow-Pitch tickets are still up for grabs!!!

You have until tomorrow at 9pm to get your bid in for this round!!!