Learn to drive/plow, wouldja?!

While I realize that it is challenging to clear snow from cul de sacs, we have had ongoing problems with snow clearing in our end of the Court. In previous winters we spoke with both drivers as well as HRM staff. Our complaint used to be that our end of the street just didn’t get cleared, the drivers used to make a single pass, back up and leave. Our particular property has the largest yard, and we let the driver(s) know that we are fine with the snow being piled in it, rather than being left un-plowed or being plowed into driveways. Things improved. Until now.

I am not complaining about remnants of snow that end up in front of every driveway from the plow passing. This is the first time any driver has intentionally dumped snow in people’s driveways completely blocking them in. He actually plowed straight for our neighbor who was standing at the end of his driveway after clearing the ends of all the driveways (so that the plow could identify where they were, in order to avoid them). When the neighbor stopped him and asked him about it, the driver simply responded that he had to put the snow somewhere.

We have one neighbor who travels frequently and his wife, young son and baby are home without the ability to move a 1 meter plus high bank of snow (especially if it gets piled then goes through the typical Halifax freeze thaw process before she’s even aware of it). Even worse still, another of our neighbors is a senior with a heart condition. He has had paramedics at the house at least a couple of times in the last year. What are these people to do in the event of an emergency when the plow has literally plowed them in?

This much snow was dumped in every driveway

From Drop Box

And here is a perfectly acceptable accumulation of snow from the plow passing by, just at the opening to the court portion of the street

From Drop Box

The plow was operated by T & T.

Our HRM Councillor is really great about addressing issues like this. I contacted Tim Outhit by email and heard back from him minutes later. If needed he’d have sent a crew out, but my spouse and neighbor had taken care of everyone.

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13 years ago

Let’s all buy a pickup truck, load a snow blower in the back and drive south until someone says “What the heck is that thing you got in the back of the truck???” To which I would reply..”Perfect!! Any houses for sale around here??”