Leaping for change

Today is Leap Day and I want talk about Leaping for change…

Most people accept change with a great deal of resistance. Fear of the uncertainty is a big obstacle.

In my experience it is always best to leap. I like to take big leaps, but I also embrace change. I love the excitement and newness of things.

Leaping on the beach

Leaping doesn’t have to be monumental mountain top to mountain top leaps though. What if your leaps looked more like bunny hops?

When getting started slower/non-elite runners are hesitant to refer to running. Something inside says, if it’s not at lightening speed, then it’s ONLY jogging. My philosophy was always that if two feet were moving forward and occasionally both feet leave the ground at the same time, it’s running. We all have to start somewhere.

Just as with running, a slow run… or in this case bunny hop leaping allows us two things: 1) a greater chance for success and 2) much less to lose if unsuccessful and therefore an easier point to restart from – if need be. As the successes roll in and the losses are bearable, maybe we’ll be willing to leap bigger, higher, further at once.

I prefer taking big and multiple leaps. If there are things that are related in some way, whether it be timing, or the types of challenges being addresses, then I prefer to do it all at once. It seems that my mind or body, or both, accept one change right along with the other.

Trying to live a healthier life? Change up the entire routine at once. New job, new hours, new fitness routine and eating habits…

Trying to organize the household better? New calendar, iphone app, schedule of daily activities, log book and accountability…

I’ve taken a few leaps that I have shared recently with a new job and attempting to establish better healthier habits like eating well, going to the gym, writing, making photographs and attempting to finish more books again. Some of these were bigger than others. Some are more/less successful so far.

I’m considering my next leap(s) with hopefully even more significant change to result. What are you leaping for?


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