Keep on keepin’ on…

So, this week started out poorly. Sunday was a total no-go on the ride. Too busy doing fmaily stuff with the girlies for Mom’s day. 🙂

Week, 11 Day 1: I woke up and felt like I’d had the least restful sleep in ages. I couldn’t find the energy to do anything. Ian took Payten to daycare and swam alone. I lay on the couch and dozed in and out. Then I spent five hours reading reports.

Day 2: Today I had a meeting at 9:30, so my training got bumped up a bit. i find it hard to get moving when I don’t head out right away. Finally, I manage to get the bike out, and ride for 50 mins. It was damned windy and my energy level was still pretty low. However, I did manage to pump out 20km. Avg. heart rate: 155 Time to hit the showers.

Tomorrow is swim day, I’m up to 400M blocks this week !!!
200m w/u, 4*400 drills, 200 c/d = another 2000M planned! 😀

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