Journaling for creativity… Day 1

I am starting this new exercise according to a textbook “The Artsist’s Way” to help people become more creative (in any facet). One of the exercises is called morning pages. These morning pages will not be published here. They are intended for the writer’s eyes only, and often are a bunch of drivel (according to the author slash teacher). You write three pages every morning, as a sort of meditation exercise. It is supposed to help other activities (including other writing) become more creative. Since I just read the chapter addressing this, I did my morning pages at night today. Tomorrow I’ll try to write them in the a.m. while I have my pre Long Slow Distance run breakfast. Perhaps one of these days I’ll suprise us all with some profoundly creative BLOGGING!

Oh! and while I’m BLOGging… today’s run was good. VERY warm. I decided to give the hiking skirt that I bought at costco a try – too much bulk. I sure hope the running one I ordered fits and is comfy!
I realized today that I have not run continuous runs in the heat before. Last summer I was just starting my Couch to 5K plan. I didn’t run continuous 5K until November! SO, that being said, I need to hydrate on short runs in the heat! Whoo! I wished I had my water with me today.

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