It is true. Nothing. Prepares you for hearing the words.

It is true. Nothing. Prepares you for hearing the words.

β€œIt is Cancer.”

Even after 2 diagnoses that just didn’t make sense, and wondering silently, could it be…? Still, nothing prepares you.

If you’ve been through it, then you know.

My loved one has recently learned of a diagnosis of liver cancer.

Third most common throughout the world among cancers, but uncommon in North America. Something under 2% of cancers in Canada are liver cancer. Liver cancer is not even listed among the types of cancers on the Cancer Care or Facing Cancer Together webpages. I am reading however that liver cancer is on the rise in our part of the world, likely due to increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes and hepatitis C. Canadian Cancer Society estimates 1950 cases will be diagnosed in Canada in 2011 out of an estimated 177800 new diagnoses of cancer in general.

For about two months regular tests for liver numbers kept rising. Then the pain suddenly began to dramatically increase and spread. What there was no sign of two months earlier had taken root throughout the entire liver. That fast. Cancer.

After being admitted in order to get some control over the pain, and expedite the biopsy being completed, finally they took samples of the liver. We are now told it can take anywhere from 1 week upwards to a month to get the results! Treatment will not begin without those results. At the rate the cancer has been spreading, this hardly seems fathomable. How much might things have changed in the meantime?

I was away on a conference when the news was delivered. Another loved one is literally on the other side of the world. This is tough. There is nothing that prepares you for this.

I do know that whatever I do, I can channel my energy toward something positive. To offer support for my family, and to offer support in the fight against cancer.

When my sister was diagnosed late in life with Type 1 Diabetes and had many medical complications. There was little I could do from across the country to support her. By joining Team Diabetes I felt like I could take concrete action in a way that showed my caring.

Will you join me in doing the same for Cancer? I would like to embark on a social media campaign in support of / with a cancer foundation as well as Facing Cancer Together. It’s time to put that growing Klout score to use! πŸ˜‰

This idea is just in the very infant stages, in fact it’s more like the beginning of a seed that requires planting, watering, light and fertilizing. If you have ideas, I’d be thrilled to discuss working with you to make them happen!

Drop me a note in the comments below, or connect with me on Twitter @ceilidhontherun, email me at ceilidho at ceilidhontherun dot com, or use my contact form!

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