Impatient for change

All this talk of change and living for it, blogging for it, making it happen in all facets of life, from parenting – to work – to housing – to my blog – to relationships… and I am terribly impatient for it.


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I am ready for these changes to happen, I don’t do the limbo very well. I start losing my balance < like I ever real had it > and something starts to give. Fortunately the aspect of my life that isn’t in limbo is my children/parenting.


So, I am looking for additional work, paid employment to supplement my efforts at entrepreneurship. We also need to make a change of residence and it all depends upon what work I find and where… Do you see how this is all unraveling as I >impatiently< wait?


I truly feel like at this time in my life, everything is happening, and yet nothing is. I have no patience for this limbo.


Much of my life happens online in some sense. I write here, I connect with friends, family and business partners here. I shop here. I find prospective dates here. πŸ˜‰ It’s not that I’m in a hurry per-say. I just don’t have any patience for this whole search and date process.


I’m not asking for much… I just want someone to live my life with. Maybe I’ll find him on a dating site, maybe Twitter, or Facebook… maybe I’ll run into him at the grocery store, or while picking up my car from the dealer.


Sure someone to take vacations and date nights with would be nice. Very nice. But mostly, it’s someone to do the everyday stuff with that I desire… enjoy a cup of coffee together and talk about the news headlines, shovel the driveway, choose paint colours with… someone else to decide what’s for supper. A co-pilot when driving across town to drop off the kids… and of course, a good old-fashioned fitness partner πŸ˜‰


If it’s via an online dating site: you text back and forth a bit, decide there’s enough common interests or decent conversation, or… I don’t know what the criteria is really… to meet; you go out for coffee; conversation is good, there’s a hint of something there… is it a spark? Is it nerves? Is it the coffee? πŸ˜‰ You get the much anticipated text. β€œThanks for coffee, maybe we should go for dinner sometime?” A real date this time… if nothing else, there is the intent to get to know each other better. Dinner goes well, still lots to talk about, still a little uncertainty about where it might go… it’s that dating game. I have not patience for it, can’t we just skip to the end? I don’t mean the end, end, just to the post-dating phase…


Then there’s the acquaintance on facebook who finally gets around to more than just liking those memes you posted about single parents who see wine as a food group… something happens, sparks fly across the interweb, a little flirtation happens and you decide to get together for drinks. Maybe you’re just two friends needing to commiserate about this stage of life single parents in our thirties find ourselves in… over beers. Maybe the flirtation will carryover into real life. I mean you may have never really hung out together and may not be the same person you once were 15 years ago, but surely you’d know if there’s a spark or not? And you do, and there is. And then you try not to turn into this crazy… obsessing… what does it all mean?


And so I wait, again, impatiently…




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