Here we go again…

OK, so after some recuperation and some catching up on housework and schoolwork, I’m feeling much better. I’m still working on the sleep issues and energy levels, but training is getting back on course. School is going to continue to be hectic. Big assignment due on Wednesday then two more major assignments due on the 10th! The following week I begin my field placement, and before that ends in July, I begin an elective credit.

About to hit the books, but thought I’d post a short note first.
Today should be week 3 of a 20 week training plan (or week 18, if we countdown to the big race! ). Since I didn’t get the plan developed, only the schedule, today will be week 1 of an 18 week training plan! (Training for the Ironman 70.3, that is!) I still have to develop the plan insofar as distances each week are concerned.

Last week looked pretty good for getting onto the new schedule, only missed one swim and two rides:
Monday – missed swim
Tuesday – missed bike
Wednesday – swam 2k
Thursday – ran 7.6k (missed bike)
Friday – ran 5k
Saturday – biked 35k
Sunday – ran 13k

IM70.3 18 Training Schedule:
M- swim
T – bike/run (short – hills/intervals) brick
W- swim
Th- Run & Bike (short – tempo)
Sa- Long bike (w/very short run brick)
Su- Long run

So far this week I’m on track with a 1600m swim under my belt, this morning.
I felt very fatigued, not used to working out the day after a long run. I’m not sure if I like taking the rest day prior to the long bike and long run days, but will give it some time and see if I adjust.

Tomorrow is bike/run brick. Hoping to do some offroad stuff! 🙂

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