Here on Earth – a review – #tbr2012 #50bookpledge

This year I have taken on a few challenges to help me meet a few of my goals, as I posted previously one of them is the 2012 To Be Read challenge. I am reading 12 books this year that have been on my to be read shelf(ves) for more than a year.

I completed my first one this week! I am so excited. This has also allowed me to complete book number 4 of the 50 book pledge!

Here On Earth by Alice Hoffman was one of Oprah’s picks on her show. I’ve been told of mixed reviews of it, but I truly enjoyed reading this book. There is something a little dark about it that reminded me of Steinbeck’s East of Eden (my all time favourite book). The portrayal of domestic violence/woman abuse was pretty eye-opening for those who may not have thought about it much. Without giving the story away, I felt the ending was appropriate in that this could have gone on and on, if she wanted it to mirror real life scenarios (where women leave (and return) an abusive relationship an average of 7 times before leaving for good).

A fairly quick read of a dark romance.

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