Good start to the week.

Dani and I had a great run on Sunday. 10km on the trials in pouring rain (but warm) totally cleared my headache that I’d been nursing all morning. We had a good chat during our run. Hope to do it again sometime before I move.

Yesterday was a rest day as I had appt’s to go to, thus worked through lunch. Had tea with Kara in the evening.

Today I’ll run at lunch. Just hope the fog burns off, I have no hair dryer with me.

I’ve made about 7 appt.s to see apartments in Halifax on Saturday, will drive upo after work Friday, stay wiht my grandparents, then posisbly get out for an early morning run before spending the day looking at places. Saturday night is another Running Mania meet n greet. We’re heading to O’Carrol’s pub for late eats and sociables.

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