Giving thanks & making connections

I have great intentions to do gratitude posts, that just never seem to stick (the intentions, not the posts). But this is the time of year (especially this weekend, if you live in Canada) to express your thanks.

I’ve written a lot of disgruntled posts lately, and hate that I haven’t written about many positive things for some time. There is always so much to be grateful for. I am a fortunate woman, born and raised in this wealthy, developed and peaceful nation we call Canada. I am always seeking to change things and make it a better place, but that’s mostly because we ARE so fortunate. This IS a place where change happens. It’s the place where universal health care is one of our paramount values. It’s the place where we pride ourselves for peacekeeping (even if there is some debate of what peacekeeping has been looking like of recent developments), it’s a place where most of us are newcomers (or our families once were) and where we take pride in our diversity.

This diverse nation has so much that adds to its vibrancy from the ice fields to the prairie wheat fields, to the gentle Pacific coast and rugged Atlantic shoreline, to the Great Lakes and rolling hills, to the spectacular Rocky Mountains… Our citizens are just as diverse in so many ways from the colours of our traditional dress, and the varied faith customs of our people, to the small rural towns and urban metro centres. But I can’t say it nearly as well as Shane Koyczan did when he spoke the words “We are More” to the entire globe at the Vancouver Olympics.

This post isn’t about Canada though, it’s about being thankful. It is with gracious acceptance that I choose to raise my children here, in Halifax. Where I feel they have great opportunities, and room to grow. I am thankful that we are able to include them in so many experiences, from cycling along the waterfront, to reading page after page after chapter after chapter after book after book, to traveling to spend time with loved ones, or simply relaxing in our own backyard.

I’m thankful that I have such easy access to so many connections across the globe. That with the birth of the internet my children and I can experience things that never seemed like more than a distant dream just a few short years ago. It is through these vast connections that we stay in touch with our family all over the world, with live chats and video conferences. It is through this unfathomable web of interconnected computer systems that I met my spouse, my partner in life, and my closest friend. It is also through these connections that I have learned of and become acquainted with so many great people. Whether they make me laugh, or think, or join me in a crusade. I’m thankful for social networks like Twitter, Facebook and blogging sites, that facilitate so many connections. It is people like my friend Natalie who has shared her experiences as well as her expertise, or Tim with his fascinating insights into municipal politics and local issues, Chris and his guidance to change the world, Dan at Single Dad Laughing, or Eric Ehm and her YummyMummyClub… It is these people (and so many more) who make life more interesting, and feed my desire to give back more of the same.

I am thankful to have made so many of these connections, and hope to make many, many more. Perhaps you’ll be the next one? Perhaps you know of someone I should be connected with too?

Why not post a comment about what makes you thankful?

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