Give me a body break!

“Body break”. Do you remember those ads?

participaction - body break

Thinking about the break I need, from my body, reminded me of them.

So, I’m looking for writing prompts to try to get the juices flowing again – after a long time of not feeling “it”… and what do I come across, but “write about your body”?

My body …

The one that feels like she’s seeking her own revenge on me? She’s been telling me for years now that I have subjected myself to too much stress and turmoil and that she wants nothing more of it. The problem is that now she’s become the cause of my stress and turmoil … since I have finally started working hard to pay better attention to preventing stress and turmoil.

And just when I feel like I can’t deal with any more physical stress, something else comes along. The silver lining? I have realized that I have actually gotten very good at NOT stewing over the things that I cannot control.

I sure hope she starts to see how far I’ve come and gives me a little break. If I could give myself a break – and not just a few sick days and a few extra days vacation at home with the kids over the holidays – but a real break… I would.

And I’m working on it.

Do you need a break?


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