Fun autumn ride :)

So today I got out for a morning ride and was reminded of two things: 1-why I love cycling and 2-why I love autumn in Nova Scotia

I took out my mountain bike, but knowing I’d be mostly on asphalt and/or gravel, I checked to be sure the tires were firmly inflated. I took off and had some pain in my knee, which was mostly alleviated once I lifted the seat up to a more “road position”.

It’s a hilly ride around my neighborhood, and more challenging than I wish for, which causes me to hesitate about getting my bike out, but I’ve determined that riding uphill on trail is much “easier” than uphill on the road. I just need to find more trails near my house!

I rode for about 18km, 1:15-1:30 (didn’t check the time when I left).
The brisk wind, crunchy leaves and beautiful colour reflected off of the water was invigorating. I need to make that a habit.

I haven’t run for a few weeks, and haven’t missed it… Confused

Happy Fall! Very Happy

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