Full day…

So I drove the family to the ferry, and on my way back took an unplanned detour of about an hour’s drive (doubling my drive home) when in my distracted state I missed the crucial ramp for Freddy. I was almost in St. George before I noticed something wasn’t right! (Wake up Trish!), so I did a little cross-country tour though Harvey to get back home, arriving more than an hour late to call my running partner for our 10K run.

We had an awesome sunny run on the base trails, and as we were walking back on the last km, the MP’s came through offering us a lift with a warning of a bear siting. We weren’t far from the end, and the bear had been sited a bit of a distance from us, so we braved the last few minutes, talking very loudly. Did my 10K at an easy pace, finishing in 1:09 (feels good knowing I can push myself a lot harder if/when I choose!)

Now I am home and am going to take advantage of the weather to clean the van, and bring in the three loads of laundry, and hang another.

Perhaps later I relax and write something more creative.

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