Fear not

What is it they say? “The only thing to fear is fear itself”…
Ironically, fear is one of the biggest causes of failure. Failing to live life to its fullest, failing to try new things, failing to pursue dreams, or to love, even failing at the simple concept of being content/happy… We sometimes allow fear to stop us in our tracks, to paralyze us. And yet, by not risking what we fear, we risk not getting whatever it is that we allow fear to stop us from experiencing.

Fear less pursuit of passion

Fear has a useful place, but it’s generally an overactive instinct. Yes, we can better protect ourselves from life-threatening situations when we listen to our fears. But what place does that really have in trying new things that will allow for growth? It prevents us from learning and developing if we let it stop us from experiencing things with unknown outcomes.

I have been through a lot of painful experiences in my personal, family and work lives. But listening to my fears would only have served to stop me from expanding my knowledge and the depth of feeling that life can bring us.

I have learned a lot about living in the moment and the biggest fear I have today is that I will have regrets. There are few choices I regret making and experiencing. However, I have a few that I regret not making, or having said no to.

One of the biggest dreams I have had is to be self-employed. I have explored it so many times and ways, and I have even taken a few steps toward this dream. What has stopped me, is the fear of failing. Here I am failing to pursue my dreams, because I am afraid it won’t workout. Yet, if I never take the plunge, it never will work.

So, once again I began the process of evaluating my dreams, goals and current situation. As usual I have come to the same conclusion. I will never know until I try if I have it in me to make a life doing what I love. I’ve yet to figure out what steps I am able to take towards my dream, but I know that I will never change where I am at, if I keep doing what I am doing.

I have been soaking up resources that encourage the creative spirit, that provide tools for moving forward, and yet here I sit. Not quite capable of stepping outside the box…

There are reminders everywhere around me that life is short, that we have no idea what tomorrow will bring, or if it will come at all: Memories of my mother whose life ended far too early; Stories of lives changed abruptly because of apocalyptic wildfires.

We have right now, this moment – to live. And I want to live with intention. I want to spend everyday knowing that what I am making the time for is valuable to me. That I am doing what I love or moving towards those things that matter to me in the actions that I take everyday…

Can you say the same?


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