Eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com

Eyeglasses from GlassesShop.com

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the websites where you can purchase eyeglasses online for a fraction of the cost of your local ophthalmologist and eye wear shop. I know I had, but was always skeptical as to the quality of the prescription eyeglasses. Besides that’s what I pay all that money towards benefits for isn’t it?

Then I was approached by GlassesShop.com to collaborate on their blogger program. I was given a link to follow to order free glasses online. I was impressed by the “Try on” feature where you upload a photo and try the glasses on your own face! It was easy and gave a pretty good idea of how the glasses really would look in the mirror.

I tried a few for fun:


I even considererd prescription sunglasses, but I only wear mine for reading and computer work, so the one pair I already have is plenty!

My glasses took just a few weeks to arrive and when they did, I was not disappointed. The only thing was that I hadn’t noticed the nose piece on a style of glasses that I didn’t expect them to be on!

Here I am actually wearing my new glasses that I could have bought at a fraction of the cost of my regular provider:

Now I keep my new glasses at the office or in my purse and I keep my other pair at home. J

If you’re interested in giving GlassesShop.com a try, I have a coupon code for you!

Use GSHOT50 which gives 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses only throughout their website, with the exception of sales frames.

Share your success with me! I’d love to see your new glasses pix too!



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