So today I am suffering for not getting myself to bed early as intended. Tonight I will have to be more diligent.

My runners were not dry yet (I washed them after getting them covered in mud on the trails yesterday), so hopefully they’ll be dry enough to run after work.

This evening will likely be time to catch upon housework so that I can enjoy a tidy house for the remainder of the week, before everyone comes home and starts the cycle all over again.

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Trish McCourt
17 years ago

I actually went o be at 10pm! I read for about helf an hour and the went to sleep! I feel so much more rested this morning…

Trish McCourt
17 years ago

Someone else also mentioned newspaper, which I’d forgotten about.
Next time…

I will try to rest.

17 years ago

Stuffing paper towel in your shoes helps draw out the moisture… I am talking about the public washroom hand drying kind, not the quicker picker upper kind….

Get some rest while you have the chance!