When (if ever) does the end justify the means?

When (If ever?) does the end justify the means?

Individuals whom I have come to know and respect believe Trump to be a good choice as President. Hearing these words upset me almost as much as the actions of this man.

I’m a Canadian without a huge concern for direct impact of his Presidency. I sympathize with my friends to the south. They have to suffer the consequences of the orders he manages to push through during his “reign”. I have some misgivings about potential “seepage” so-to-speak across the border with policies, etc.

We had a Prime Minster who I disagreed with on almost every issue. A PM who had a manner about him that was unsettling to me. However, in all his days in power and campaigning I never felt real concern … that he would or had at any time prior (that would have been known to the world) behave in a manner that could be seen as outright bigotry, misogynistic, bullying, etc. Yes, I disagreed with his opinions and values. I certainly would not have accused him of championing the cause when it comes to most forms of discrimination. But I did not fear that he would be the one to encourage and initiate the vitriol.

justify this

Herein lies the real issue with The Donald’s election as President of the U.S. of A.

During the election campaign I was infuriated that Trump had a platform where not only was his ignorance and absolute smuck being accepted but it was glorified. In the period between his election and the inauguration, he should have be reigning himself in and learning to present himself in a manner deserving of the Oval Office. Yet, it continued. In fact, he justified himself anytime it was noted.

Now we have a man in the most powerful office in the world, who is being given seats at tables that deserve behavior of utmost respect and decorum. The @realdonaldtrump is engaging in middle school playground fights with celebrities, television shows and “the media” while the entire world watches. He is now wasting his (and our) time celebrating his over-stated success at drawing a crowd for his inauguration. Seriously, I’m just waiting for the “nannah nannah, nan-nah…” tweet directly to his predecessor.

How much time will it take for my learned friends who believe his claims of caring about their economic values and hatred of “the establishment” … to see just how much this was a power play – and nothing more – for this bigoted, misogynistic, opportunist.

Don’t be fooled by his claims to represent and care about “the people”, he doesn’t have any understanding of what it is like to struggle in any way, shape or form. Nor does he care.


So the question is, does the end justify the means?

I don’t have to agree with your values. Nor do you have to agree with mine. There is nothing that justifies the actions of a man so powerful pointedly belittling and degrading those far less powerful than he. Worse still, by accepting that a man in his position behaves in such a way it will only serve to make it acceptable for *anyone* to behave in such a way. Thus undoing the progress our society has made in treating people of all sexes, races, class, abilities, cultures, beliefs, ages, levels of income, etc. with the respect and equity that “the people” deserve.


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