Disney Magic in Halifax!!!

This is long overdue, and not for lack of interest. Disney really knows how to roll… and to sail! Disney Magic is one of their cruise ships and it stops right here in the port of Halifax! I was lucky enough to be invited on board for lunch and a tour with the lovely Angela. 


She treated us like the stars Disney always treats their guests. I’d been to Disney World and after being blown away by every little detail had high expectations. I was not to be disappointed!


The dining room was lavish and had exquisite food, drinks and service. We were treated to a fancy cocktail, and a lovely lunch including fabulous dessert. Throughout the meal Angela filled us in on the wonders of the Disney Magic, and other ships in the Disney Cruise line.


Guests are assigned wait staff who follow them throughout the ship to the many different options for dining. They ensure all dietary needs are addressed by the kitchen staff without guests having to repeat information.


This is the family vacation spot for all! Have you ever felt like family vacation is vacation for everyone but you, the parent responsible for everyone’s happiness? < or so it seems when no one else remembers the toothbrushes, extra undies, or swimsuits 😉 > I have returned form many a family vacation feeling like, now I need a vacation of my own. Disney has it covered, regardless of age. There are services available for children from newborn through to teens!

You could literally not see your children from morning ’til night, if you so wish! There are kids’ clubhouses where parents are actually not welcome past the doors! And the kids don’t want to leave – with science experiments, cooking lessons and art classes happening everyday, why would they? The only real drawback I see here < besides not actually spending vacation time together > is that I might not be able to drag the kids off the ship at ports of call to check out the local sights!


There are kids pool decks – equipped with water slides, a pirates playground, and an adults-only pool deck. There is scheduled entertainment, including exclusive screenings of Disney movies, family dance bar, and a spa & fitness centre!

Every detail has been considered to give the ship the Disney feel, from the magnificent entrance lobby, to the Mickey adorned funnel on the ship’s smoke stacks.

I must admit, I’ve never been one to consider a cruise as a vacation aspiration, but I do now! < Kids, momma wants a vacation too! >

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Heather | Mmm... is
11 years ago

Ahhh good times, and I wish we had some of that heat back.  The Disney Magic was indeed Magical… we are still deciding whether we’ll do Disney first or a Disney Cruise.  Time will tell 🙂  It was great meeting you that day too!

11 years ago

Thanks Heather! It was a great afternoon. 🙂

11 years ago

Thanks Heather! It was a great afternoon. 🙂