WOW! What a week!
I still have to make a trip back to get a few things left behind, and tidy up some loose ends. But… here I am.
The girls are with their daddy while I get the apartment sorted out.
A very special thank you to my sister, who was an incredible help and support through the last few days. I couldn’t have done it without her.
The three of us loaded up the truck on Friday, and finished early enough to get on the road, and pull into Halifax at a decent hour.
At this end, I had the tremendous support and assistance of a couple of Running Maniac friends, along with my sister and her beau.
The truck was unloaded by noon yesterday, returned to the Uhaul drop-off by 1pm, and I have begun the daunting unpack!
On a running-related note. My knee wasbothering me a little after thursday’s run, after the move it is very tender, having become very aggravated during the process. I am now taking a full week (yikes!) off of running. Waling will be my thing… Hopefully I’ll get back on track before the big race on the 23rd!

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