Dartmouth Natal Day Road Race – 6-Miler

This report will be short (unlike my last two, oh so off-in-the-distant-past race reports).

Since I had to give up the Half Mary plan for July 23rd due to knee issues, I chose to do some shorter events, in addition to the already planned Race to the Sea relay (which is this Saturday).
Today’s event was the same distance as my leg in the relay, so it was a bit of a practise run. I didn’t want to push it, so when Ang (fellow Running Maniac and friend) told me her planned pace (also taking it easy for Saturday), it made perfect sense for us to run the whole thing together! What fun!

It didn’t feel so lonely at the back-of-the-pack either!

A couple of times Ang or I were singing out loud to our mp3 players, not sure if the other was talking or not. Embarassed

The first loop, felt great – I thought this course isn’t so bad, that hill was manageable. Of course the hill got harder on the second and then third loops. We walked through water stations (which were at the start/finish and halfway thru the loop). The weather was perfect.

Great company with a bunch of Maniacs!

The best news is, not one single twinge of my knee!!!!! Bring it on Nfld!!!!

Finished in 1:02:10, 61/73 Age Group standings

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17 years ago

Wow, great job Trish!!!