Connection in Autumn – a time of change

Autumn has always been one of my favourite times of the year. I love the change in colours in nature, love the sweater weather, and I used to be very fond of Hallowe’en, and the connection to change happening all around us.

I have always loved change, and Autumn feels like the symbol of change. Spring is when everything wakes up, summer is growing a season, autumn is harvest time, then a beautiful show of colour, with winter for rest.

connection with the change of autumn

Lately though I have been feeling like fall comes too soon, and then becomes a bit of a non-season. Thanks to climate change, in Nova Scotia the leaves change colour and fall rather quickly, and then we’re left with this in-between, not-quite-winter-blahness until about January…

Interestingly, it feels very much like a representation of the current stage of pandemic-times. We are in the midst of some kind of change, yet the next thing, or return to our cyclical seasons of life, seem to be never really on the horizon. We’re not getting the winter rest. Fall feels like it’s never-ending.

connection with the change of autumn
connection with the change of autumn

Social connection in the autumns of life

It’s no wonder we are feeling such an impact on our well-being. Social connections that once were so important, became almost non-existent. Even the most extraverted of people became quite insular or have been especially restless and lonely while spending much less time connecting with people “in real life”.  Some have found it to be a time to strengthen family connections or have leaned into the superficial connections of social media.

Rebooting life

I found that I enjoyed the reboot of our initial limited access outside of the cocoon of our homes. Then I became quite a homebody and was not reaching out to anyone outside of my cocoon, apart from work. And now, I find myself struggling to re-establish the social connection that I most enjoy – partially fluttering from a few close friends and family members to wanting to expand the perimeter of my circle to other friends and acquaintances.

I feel resistant to the sorts of social activities that I used to be drawn to, while at once yearning for them.

And we keep waiting for that rest that just doesn’t seem to come.

As an introvert, I enjoy the solitude that often comes with winter. But after a very long autumn of solitude and uncertainty at once, I’ve been ready for spring. I want everything around me to wake up and to see growth in everyone and everything…

connection with the change of autumn

Connection with the change of autumn

Many people that I know of have been reconsidering and re-evaluating, and re-engaging in the things that matter to them. It’s the willingness to be open and vulnerable, to accept others where they are at, and to initiate and engage in the things that matter that will change the pervasive feelings of loneliness and belonging all around us, through authentic social connection. If autumn is a time of change, then we’ve been changing long enough that some significant connection should be yet to come. And if we’re in a crisis of human connection, then with intention and by seeking to help others, we can make that change. We must.


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