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This is the life. I mean there are plenty of other places I would happily be working from <say my beachfront cabana in Lanai, Hawaii 😉 > but my living room in my jammies with a hot cuppa joe – and I’m not complaining.


It has been said that the best way to be productive is to get up, get dressed and eat breakfast FIRST. Don’t check your email. Stay off of social networks. Get down to work, doing the important stuff.


What if that IS the important stuff? Then forget everything you’ve been told! Go for it. Grab your coffee, stay in your PJs and blog… Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Facebook, whatever your platform(s) of choice… it’s the way to go! I find not only my tweeps, fellow bloggers, and articles filled with tips online at this early hour, but this is where/when my inspiration comes from.


This is where I change my mind, and fuse with (via temporary glue) new ideas. Today I started a serious post about communication and co-parenting, then I got a little pickup on my status update of coffee and pj’s and I changed my direction (I’ll get back there later).


<Why not plant a little seed?>


So yes, I do sit down at my online networks, coffee in hand, in my jammies, before I do anything else most days. Where else would I get the crazy idea of blogging in my pj’s? < Hint: Don’t expect this to be the last you see of it! 😉 >


Hmmm… maybe Snugabye would sponsor a post made in my red hearts Snugabye PJ’s before Valentine’s Day… 😉 I could write about something else I do from home in my PJ’s → look for my Valentine. 😉


What does your morning routine look like?



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