Coffee break…

I’m taking a short break from the report-writing to reflect on my evening.
After work I made a quick trip to the grocery store, ate and headed out for a ride.
I was apparently sited by two different friends. One I saw as she whipped by with 3 other cycling buddies doing intervals. The other told me later, and I recall now seeing them drive by – not knowing it was them.

I’ve been getting out for about an hour at a time cycling. I take the same route, which is quite level and straight. The scenery is beautiful (farming country along the river), which is a good thing or I’d be bored of the route already. I’m thinking about trying some new routes, and would really like to commute-by-bike to work, however the family schedule may pre-empt that as I may have to start dropping the girls off at childcare every morning with C on a new PT schedule that starts too early.

The ride was great. Just a little wind and warm sun (beginning to set as I was headed home). I loaded up the ipod with a variety of music for running, some of which takes me back to my cycling days in high school. “Enter Sandman” comes on and immeditaely takes me back to a place when my rides were my solitude, my place to think (before coming home and writing). I like finding that place again. Between running, riding and writing, I feel like I’m getting a piece of me back that I forgot was even there.

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