Clean home = no looming deadlines… ;)

… and vice versa.

I have realized that you can tell the state of my calendar, and how closely the big assignments are looming, by the condition of my home. You can also predict the condition of my home by the number and urgency of looming assignments on my calendar.
Today is the day before the last of several assignments(within the last four weeks), is due – a final Take-Home Exam worth 50% of my mark. I would suggest now is not a good time for unexpected visitors to pop-in. On the flip side, tomorrow is the final deadline for this semester. I begin another credit next week, but I will have a reprieve over the weekend, to get myself back in order, find the calm in my home… and perhaps even tackle some of the things that have been sitting waiting for my attention.

So Sunday – coffee anyone? 🙂

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