Checklist for Family Childcare

This is a checklist that I used to have posted on my childcare website.  In the interest of not reinventing the wheel I provide it for it’s thorough suggestion of questions a parent might wish to ask their childcare provider.

Checklist for Family Child Care Homes

  • Jennifer McMillen, Corner Playhouse Child Care

The Caregiver

Does the Caregiver…

_____ have a current license from the Department of Human Services?

_____ seem to be someone that both my child I would enjoy?

_____ create an atmosphere where children feel loved and cared for?

_____ interact with children in a kind and gentle manner?

_____ listen to, talk and play with the children?

_____ have time to give each child special and personal attention?

_____ use age appropriate discipline techniques?

_____ participate in child development related training opportunities?

_____ have Infant/Child CPR training?

The Daily Schedule

Does the Schedule…

_____ allow time for children to play both quietly and actively?

_____ allow time for children to play both indoors and out?

_____ allow time for children to play both independently and cooperatively?

_____ allow time for planned activities such as singing, listening to stories, playing games, cooking and so on?

_____ limit TV time to an amount that I am comfortable with for my child?

The Environment

Do I See…

_____ a home that is safe, clean and comfortable?

_____ a special place for my child’s personal belongings?

_____ a home that looks fun and inviting to children?

_____ a selection of toys and equipment that are appropriate for the age of my child and that are in good condition?

_____ adequate space for children to play both indoors and out?

_____ a selection of toys and materials that interest and stimulate children?

_____ a menu, complete with meals and snacks, that is nutritious and includes food that children like to eat?

_____ appropriate and clean eating, diapering and napping areas?

Personal Feeling and Impressions

As a parent, am I comfortable with…

_____ the person who will be caring for my child?

_____ the other children in the home?

_____ the home atmosphere?

_____ the caregiver’s open door policy? (For example: Am I free to stop in and visit my child any time?)

_____ the caregiver’s contract or policies?

_____ the caregiver’s pets?

_____ the caregiver’s smoking preference?

_____ the daily routine my child will follow?

_____ the location and convenience of the caregiver’s home?

_____ the hours and days care is provided?

_____ the provider’s flexibility in meeting my family’s needs?

_____ the fees and payment schedules?

_____ the arrangement for when the caregiver is sick or on vacation?

_____ the arrangement for when my child is sick?

_____ the amount of time, if any, my child will spend being transported in the caregiver’s car?

*Thanks to Jennifer McMillen, Corner Playhouse Child Care for permission to publish this checklist. For more forms and info about her home child care centre (link now broken, but I cannot find a current site to refer back to presently) go to

**After reading this in its entirety, please adapt it to meet your personal needs

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