Canadian childcare laws and regulations

Government links to Canadian childcare laws & regulations:

Alberta child care page

Alberta Child care Regulations

Alberta Licensing Act

Newfoundland and Labrador child care page

Newfoundland & Labrador Child care services act

Prince Edward Island early childhood page

Prince Edward Island Parents guide

Prince Edward Island Child Care Licensing and Certification

British Columbia child care page

British Columbia Legislation

Nova Scotia child care page

Nova Scotia guide for parents

Nova Scotia Day care act and Day care regulations

Nova Scotia Facility search (includes licensing compliance reporting)

Quebec child care page

Manitoba child care page

Manitoba child care regulation

Nunavut early childhood page

Nunavut Legislation

Saskatchewan child care page

Saskatchewan Legislation

New Brunswick daycare page

Ontario early childhood page

Ontario Standards

Yukon territory child care services page

Yukon Child care act & regulations

Northwest Territories Early Childhood page

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[…] Government links to Canadian child care laws & regulations […]