Can more authentic connections be built in an online community?

What can a community for building more authentic connections do for me? We live in a world where everyone is constantly distracted and inundated with superficial connections. Our phones are attached at the hip with an invisible tether, we broadcast our lives for the digital world to see and comment, and we spend less time in nature than ever before…

Years ago when I was a new mom I took to the internet to find ways to connect with other adults while I was at home with my baby. I had many opportunities to connect with other moms at mom & baby or parent-tot activities. But I wanted to connect to others without the constant distraction of keeping one eye on a busy toddler. Online forums were a great outlet for me. Then social media platforms came along, and most of my online forums dried up and eventually disappeared.

I was resistant to joining the movement to social media, but eventually embraced it for the opportunities to stay distantly connected, or become re-connected to distant friends & family all over the place. In a few instances those distant connections helped me jump off into stronger social connections, as we made efforts to meet in-person. But now I find myself resisting social media again. There are just so many distractions. What once gave me an opportunity to find long lost friends, now feelings like little blips amongst a vast noise.

Are you wondering how joining an online community can help you to build more connections in the “real world”?

We are building a community that lives outside of the distractions of social media.

Become a founding member to help us as our path to authentic social connections evolves…

Become a founding member and help us shape this community… to become more authentically connected to your values, your legacy, the places you live in, others and yourself today!


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