Beach day!

Finally figured out photoblogging!

Our family summer vacation is a “Staycation” again this year. The girls are taking swimming lessons at the lake every morning for two weeks, Ian & I get to swim around with each of the girls while the other is in lessons. We’ll take afternoon excursions, or just hang out at home. Yesterday, we choose to hit Queensland beach while the weather was fantastic. The water temperature is unusually warm for July. Everyone had their wet suits, but I was glad to have decided to try the water first before putting mine on.

Wet suits are for wimps anyway! 😉

From Photblog

EW! Seaweed! (and lots of it – swim suits were full of seaweed & sand by the time we left)

From Family 2010


From Family 2010


From Family 2010


From Family 2010
From Family 2010

While no one else in the water wore wetsuits (it really was WARM), I’m pretty sure the girlies and especially Ian last much longer than usual wearing them. I even like swimming in the frigid Atlantic Ocean in early June/late September, so really preferred swimming sans wetsuit.

From Family 2010

Tumbling in the surf! I had “rug burn” on my knees from being tossed around so much!

From Family 2010

Truly, life doesn’t get much better than this. 🙂

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13 years ago

Love the pics, Trish, especially that last one LOL!!!