BE the good life.

Sometimes you just have to take the time to acknowledge how good your life really is. Forget all the crappy, stressful stuff that has piled up in the back of your mind and focus. Focus on everything good. Or focus on one good thing. Whatever works.


Today I am feeling good. I am feeling awesome actually. I believe I am experiencing the least amount of pain that I have in years. I don’t mean in general, and I know it may be different by the end of the day. But right now, in this moment. I feel really, really good. Fantastic actually.


And this moment is all we truly have isn’t it? We don’t know what is coming, and everything in the past, is well – in the past. So take a moment to embrace how good your life is RIGHT NOW. Find the thing that you know makes your life awesome and live it. Experience it. BE it.


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family legacy curator, social justice advocate, blogger, amateur photographer, reader, cyclist, runner & swimmer, mom of two