AWOL on the BLOG this week… ?

Well, I haven’t blogged since Monday. It’s been a crazy busy week. Trying to get the house ready to list it on Monday…

This week I came to the decision to go for the Half Marathon at the NS Marathon (Barrington) on July 23rd. A kind Running Maniac created a training planf or me. I am so excited for thenext sic weeks I will not only be doing my LSDs, but will also be incorporating two new elements into my trianing! Speed intervals / mile repeats! and temp runs! (I think I kind of did the tempo runs all along, but not consciously, and not increasing their length each week). I’ll post the training plan here. Tomorrow is my first run on the plan, at 12-13km on the Blue Trail on base, with Kara (my running partner is back! – well for a couple of weeks anyway, then we both move 🙁 )

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