Another good ride…

Darn good thing too!

I have got to start commuting to work by bike! Yesterday I had an appt. in the a.m. and arrived at work mid0morning. Of course had to park on the street. When the parking lot if full, there are no other option downtown Fredericton… Park at a meter or park in 2 hr. pkg on the street. Well, I made the wrong choice. got ticketed. Can’t afford anymore of those. Today I arrived at 8:00, which is half an hour before work even starts. And I almost didn’t get a aspace again! Time to start parking the bike in front of my office.

So I rode for an hour, seems like I rode out into the wind, and back into the wind… what the heck? my ipod wasn’t charged, so I took my pedometer/radio – piece of crap wouldn’t keep a signal!

At least it was a beautiful sunny day. And now I’m headed out to enjoy good times with friends.


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