Ankle Sprain

So three weeks ago running an easy run to meet up with Caro for the real run, I rolled my ankle and took a bad sprain.

These photos were taken a few days afterward, the bruising and swelling actually got worse for a bit.

Needless to say, I’ve been off the roads for three weeks now. I can’t run or cycle. Have had to drop out of the two spring events I had planned (cycle-volunteering at Bluenose and running a leg of CTRR) and have only attempted to swim once, when I made the grave mistake of pushing off of the wall with both feet (will attempt swimming again this week).

I didn’t even make it down to see my good friend rock her goal at the Bluenose because I would have had to either walk from parking, or walk to a bus. I’m feeling sorry for myself, but please ignore the whining.

I’m in physio, along with my regular chiro and massage for fibromyalgia.

I just know I don’t work well without a goal, and a schedule and accountability. I’ve been using excuses to miss runs prior to the sprain, and likely had let me strength wain resulting in injury, now I need to build that back up AND get back in shape. SIGH.

I need a plan to get myself back into a fitness regime that works for me. I need to put myself on a strict schedule and diet (not to lose weight, just to be fit) can anyone help me? Direct me to some good resources?

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