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I am a huge advocate for shopping LOCAL. However, living in small rural communities makes it hard to buy what you want/need sometimes. Often when the item is available, there is no choice of options. I had heard about Amazon Prime for a while, and even saw how beneficial it has been for northern communities with extremely limited and highly overpriced shopping options.

I decided while I was ordering a few larger items to give the trial membership a go. I figured that based on my location, the 2 day shipping wouldn’t really be 2 days. I was pleasantly surprised! Everything I ordered arrived just 2 days later and in perfect condition.

It felt like Christmas morning to be honest! I hadn’t been so excited to receive mail in ages.

I like that I can check out reviews and ratings from other customers before ordering. And Amazon is extremely competitive in price. Plus there is the added benefit of not having to leave the house for purchase or delivery!

Amazon Prime offers a number of benefits that I haven’t even tried yet, but for the low annual fee, the free 2 day shipping is worthwhile in itself. Can’t wait to check out the other benefits, including Amazon Prime Video and early access to deals and special Prime discounts.



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Rebekah Stephens
Rebekah Stephens
6 years ago

If I am not in a rush I like to select the free “no rush” shipping option, you get $1 or so back to use on digital purchases.

6 years ago

Great tip! ?