Hello! My name is Trish.

I am available for part-time/short-term freelance/consulting projects.  I also have a PR/rate card for services on my blog such as sponsored posts, product reviews/giveaways and advertising. Email me to express your interest and I will send you the link!

I am interested in the pursuit of bettering our lives.  I like to write about issues & activities of interest to me, sometimes doing advocacy work, sometimes to express myself personally. I also post samples of my amateur photography.

I have completed my studies for my post-degree bachelor of Social Work. I’ve lived back in Nova Scotia since July of 2006, after having moved around Canada. 🙂

I have a broad range of interests,  but some of the things you’ll see me post about include: social connection and mental health; scrapbooking; reading; running; social justice issues of a big range (i.e. poverty, early childhood education, family issues, woman abuse, family violence, child birth options, breastfeeding, healthy relationships, active transportation, sustainable environmental practises, and political reform); parenting; and work-life integration…

I am currently a registered Social Worker in Nova Scotia – my focus of interest being community organizing.  I am executive director of a not-for-profit women’s centre. I was previously centre manager of a YMCA, a child protection social worker, an early childhood educator, child care centre director, and interim director of two not-for-profit agencies (family resource centre and women & children’s transition house).  Early learning & care, family, and women’s issues are all very close to my heart.

Drop me a note in the comments below by posts, or connect with me on IG @trish.blogs, email me at trish at trishblogs dot com

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