A new race report!

I have had so little time… I haven’t blogged regularly at all!
Today I at least have a race report to post!

For those who don’t know…
This was my last race of 2006. After having opted out of a couple of planned Half Marathons, I was anxious to get at least one under my belt before the season ends. My first race since beginning my new life as a runner, was in May, the Fredericton Half Marathon, at the very start of the race season. I took it easy, worried I would have difficulty finishing such a distance, and surprised myself with a lot of energy left at the end, and a time of 2:24:xx. I ran two weeks later another race with a distance close to the same, and managed to shave a lot of time off of my average pace for the duration. Having some knee and foot issues, meant skipping out on a couple of other planned races and doing some shorter distances this summer, each time shaving a bit off of my pace – including a sub 60 10KM race in August.

Due to more issues, I missed a race in September, and wasn’t sure what I could expect of myself this time around, having not followed a good training plan, just trying to rebuild some mileage in order to complete this event.

My predicted Half Marathon time, according to my 10K results, was approximately 2:12:xx. I figured anything under 2:15 and I’d be happy. That’s still a good Personal Best (PB)!

My weekend started with a great travel companion (thanks Ian!), who helped me get going with my two girlies in tow, then a pit-stop at Kara’s (fellow Running Maniac) to drop off the girlies. Kara was planning to bring all the kiddies to see some of the race and the finish! Very Happy

Ian & Trish – pre race

We got to the start, picked up our chips and met up with Dani. Dani and I had decided to run together, at least for part of the time. I was very excited to have a pacing partner with goal times that matched mine, (although hers were a little more aggressive) and to have some time to catch up while we ran!

We matched each other very well, and the time flew by. After about 12km, the “catching up” dwindled off, as we got serious about the more aggressive goal, since we were on track for a close race! I told Dani I hadn’t imagined I could run my Half at the same pace as my 10K, but I was doing it and feeling great! At about 18km, I suggested Dani go ahead without me if she had it in her, as I could tell she was wanting to pick it up a bit, and I just knew I was at my limit. I managed to keep up the pace for the remaining 3 km, and came in about 30 seconds behind her.

Dani & Trish – post race

It was an awesome event, well organized, plenty of enthusiastic volunteers, and a ton of support from Aaron and BW (Dani’s guys) along the way!

There was really only one tough spot on the course, a slight incline and a huge headwind, where Dani and I had lost a little time on that goal. Even after pushing hard the whole race, I was passing people on the only other incline, coming up to the finish! And thanks to Kara, there were my girlies waiting to see me enter the finish chute!

Dani, Ian, Trish, Dan – post race

So a chip time of 2:07:05, is a PB by about 16 minutes and change!!!! I’m just thrilled, and was so happy to be able to share this with great friends! Thanks to Ian, for the recovery snack and congratulatory hug at the end!

~Trish / Running Maniac -> CeilidhOnTheRun

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